Why Janitor Could Be Listed As An Essential Service Provider

janitorial services in San Diego, CA

These are uncertain times. No matter how many times you receive the jab, you are never quite certain that it really works. No one, not even the scientists, know what might be looming around the corner. But when it happens, governments of the day are obliged to act swiftly. The problem is that some regimes around the world do not appear to act rationally or prudently. As a consequence, many small to medium-sized businesses are forced to close their doors for trade. And as the record shows, not all of them survive this absence of trade.

Micro business owners, on the other hand, may well survive, some may even thrive, because many of them, already working from home, would be working online in any event. This is deemed to be a safe place to trade. Or is it? In any case, there are those businesses and traders who are allowed to keep their doors open, no matter how hard the lockdown restrictions are. This is to say that many of them are what you would term essential services providers. Of course, the retail pharmacist must be open for business, that much is obvious.

But janitorial services in San Diego, CA should and could also be open for business. Why is this? Well, for one thing, they are doing cleaning work in the main. And it goes without saying that cleaning is essential, particularly in times like these. And surely to goodness, the powers that be, as well as influential traders, would be very appreciative of the fact that the city’s premium janitors are now in a strong position to provide all and sundry with sanitizing work too. If they are not doing the actual work, they could be providing the product.